We play floorball and are open to anyone who is looking for a floorball club in Bern.

Floorball Bears Bern

Following the 2021/22 season, the majority at the section meeting decided to withdraw from the floorball championship. In order to continue playing floorball for fun, it was also decided to leave the BTV in order to integrate the teams into an new and autonomous floorball club.

We have therefore been organized as an independent club since 2023. However, as the first floorball team was formed in the Kaufleute Bern gymnastics club, our roots go back as far as 1987. This makes us one of the oldest floorball clubs in the city of Bern. You can find out more about us on the former BTV Bern floorball Facebook page with the new name FB Bears. FB is an acronym of Floorball, the English translation of Unihockey, and therefore has nothing to do with social media.

This website was created in April 2023 to recruit more Bears for our floorball teams. Suggestions for the website should be sent to the following address:


Halen 28

CH-3037 Herrenschwanden


Finally, the Floorball Bears Bern would like to thank BTV Bern once again for the wonderful time at the gymnastics club and all the BTV volunteers for their work in the background!

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